Aquascape of the Month October: "Little Green Hill"

My name is Vladimir Rastovac. I’m 26 years old and a graduate student of Fire Protection and Awareness School, which means I will soon be a fireman in town where I live, called Sremska Mitrovica (Serbia). I’m happily married man with my first child on the way.

My first steps in aquarium began somewhere around 1997 when I was 15. Then, my father brought home a pair of gold fish in a somewhat bigger glass jar. Soon, I found myself creating my first aquarium with different and exciting plants and fishes. However, with me going to college, all my attention got diverted, but my passion for this hobby was waiting for the right moment. 

In 2007 I decided to start all over again. I bumped into a Serbian internet forum about aquariums and, soon enough I had a small aquarium with nothing but a few plants. With further personal research, I’ve discovered an amazing world of aquascaping. I met a lot of good “partners in-crime”, and since then and with some of them I founded a local website where we exchange our personal experiences related to aquascaping. 

At the moment, I have two aquariums (100 l and 50 l), but I can’t wait to put my hands on a 400 l aquarium sitting, waiting to be aquascaped, but unfortunately, will have to wait for better times.