Aquascape of the Month July: "Silence, ça pousse"

My real name is Dimitri Roger. I live in a small town near Orleans, in France. I am 30 years old and I’m a “young manager” in the agro-alimentary industry. Because I like plants and gardens, it is logical for me to form aquatic gardens in my tanks. I have been creating planted aquariums for the last four years. I bought a 250 liter tank when I purchased my house in 2004.

I am moderator of the sections referring to "planted tanks" on the French forum Aquagora and we organize every year the CAPA (a French planted tanks competition). It is a great pleasure to share this passion. Indeed, over the years I have been able to develop many friendships, and I take this opportunity to warmly welcome all these people (who recognize me). On the web, my nickname is Kookaburra. It’s the name of an Australian bird, and also the name of a French comic book.

I create planted tanks to bring a bit of "nature" in my house. The European houses do not lend themselves too much to the establishment of Green plants (well, we cannot create garden "jungles"). So I had to find a way to introduce as many plants as possible into my house. Since my youngest age, I have always loved plants. I remember when I was little helping my father with his outdoor garden. We had to select good plants, and maintain them throughout the year. My own garden quickly became too small for my gardening passion. I see aquariums an additional means to satisfy this passion for plants and gardening.