AquaScape of the Month: Eternal Tranquility

Hello, my name is Eduard Gercog (Edis) and I am 28 years old. Born in Moldova, Lithuanian currently living in London, UK.

It is a great honor to me to be featured in Aquascape of the month section. AOTMs are one of my favorite parts of the AquascapingWorld forum. I have joined this wonderful world of aquascaping just a little less than 2 years ago after like many others accidentally seeing and falling in love with Takashi Amano work. It has become a true passion and obsession shortly. I have kept fish tank with some plants as I remember when I was about 12 for couple years. I remember I didn’t even have any filtration and not even knew about the ammonia cycle at that point. Could tell you what plants I had but was excited to see even a slow growth. Then things changed and we were moving too much to keep the tank but after moving to London finally one day I thought why not to get a little tank for our office.