Aquascape of the Month: February Anti crisis tank - “Lemuria Parça”

I love animals and especially fish. I have always kept fish and other aquatic animals, as a child I spent most of my free time stuck in canals, ditches and lakes in search of some kind of bug rare or unknown to me, had water scorpions (Nepa cinerea), eels, tadpoles and so on, and of course a bunch of fish. As an adult, my work did not allow me to keep any aquarium, given the short time I was home and was in the early 90's when I changed jobs, so that I only drove in Spain. Only then I started to have some free time to devote my hobby and decided to buy my first tank, 38 liters. For decoration I had a treasure chest, a plastic plant and a stone. For fish I had such a mix, some of those fish kept them many years. Later I became interested in the cichlids, especially cichlids of Lake Tanganyika and kept them for a few years, while maintaining planted tanks. Another job change left me with more free time and I started to use the Internet for more research. I started frequenting forums and one day I saw some in the gallery of the master Amano, what I saw I could not believe it was beautiful, landscaped tanks that seemed to be taken from the bowels of nature. It had such an impact on me, I become very interested in aquascaping. Started seeking photos and read all about aquascaping, until I decided, about 4 years ( 2007/2008 ) to create planted tanks with "aspirations" for aquascaping, large and small, my surprise was that I was not the only one that liked small tanks, but when I put photos in the forums for fun, there were many people who also liked what I did. Some of my large aquascapes have been well received, but the most popular to date have been small aquariums; however “Lemuria Parça” seems to be changing that.