Aquascape of the Month March: "Patchwork"

My name is Samuel Bouziat, I am 23 years old and I live in France (near Orleans, as Dimitri who was theJuly 08 AOTM). I’m in my last year to finish my studies in law and human management.

On the Internet my nickname is Hideki, in reference to the character of the manga "chobit".

I started aquarium hobby when I was young with a 300L, but it became disaster years as an aquascaper (too many errors of beginner). So I have decided to take a break even though the hobby was a big passion for me.
I have been in the aquarium hobby for five years, and three years were more about planted aquariums (but remember my first planted aquariums were not very good!).

At the beginning I was more interested in fish, but as you can imagine, now I prefer plants, especially when I design an arrangement that pleases me.

Like so many other hobbyists, I think, I was inspired by Takashi Amano, and also by Oliver Knott. I really like the Nature Style, but my preference goes to Dutch Style of aquascaping. I prefer a tank well arranged where each plant has a defined place, where colors are mixed, and trimmed properly.

Being active on many French forums, where generally the same questions are continually asked of me and my aquascapes, I decided to create my own website with the help of a friend.

This site aims to show my different tanks, but also to make aquascaping more accessible to those wishing to embark on the adventure. So I explained how I designed each of my aquascapes while achieving other articles related to planted tank. For those who are interested, the I do have a personal website seen here but to read the articles it might be helpful to know the French language.