Aquascape of the Month August: "Beyond the Nature"

My name is Gary Wu, I am project manager for a worldwide content developer. I started my aquatic experience when I was a teenager. I began a small tank with seven baby Koi selected while spending a whole morning in a fish shop. During that time, I enjoyed feeding them, and after a year, they all grew up and have to change their tank to a bigger size. However, due to lack of resources to buy a good filtering system, the water conditions turn bad and all the Koi passed away within a year. I left the hobby until I graduated.

When I returned to the hobby, I choose goldfish. During that time, I used an aquarium plant decorated background to decorate my tank there was a limited selection of aquarium plants at my local fish shop. After two years, my goldfish all died. After that, I decide to provide my future fish with a better living environment. Since goldfish and Koi would require bigger tank or even pond for them to have better living area, I decided to give up keeping these fish until I moved into my new house, ten years later. 

In the mean time, I planned my 150L planted tank. Fortunately for me, during that time, the internet was gaining popularity and it was easier to find useful information to create the ideal aquarium environment. I find there are number of beautiful aquascapes on the web, and graphic design knowledge I knew I could managed to mimic and create a similar planted aquarium layout. 

Through internet forums, I met Wayne Sham, Eric Cheng and Harry Kwong, who are all brilliant aquascapers and highly successful in aquascaping competitions. We gather every week to discuss aquascaping techniques and to share our planted aquarium pictures, plants, and occasionally to celebrate with more hobbyists when there is a good contest result. 

Over the years, we have become great friends and developed the foundation of Creative Aquascape Union website. There is a good competitive atmosphere between us. When we see each other with a great aquascape layout, we would push ourselves to make an even better one.