Aquascape of the Month July: "Oshun"

My name is Jordi Pelegrí, I live in Barcelona and I have 30 years old. I am currently working in a dance school, as public relations and professor of Salsa. My passions are dancing, the photography and aquaria.

After having a small aquarium in my teens, I took a break from the hobby for a few years, I have taken up the hobby again, and over a year I experimented with different aquarium fish and plants to reach the conclusion that I really like aquatic landscapes and aquascaping.

I must say that I am really a beginner in the field of aquatic landscapes. The aquascape featured here, Oshun is my first acceptable creation in my eyes.

During this year I have attended many forums where I have learned a lot about this hobby. I'm currently moderating a forum of a shop in Barcelona and occasionally participate in other forums. I recently had the good fortune to be a part of the CAE, where there are many aquascapes from my country to which I have learned a lot from. I am also lucky enough to have a great sponsor , which works directly with the maintenance of tanks, workshops and everything possible to promote this hobby.

At the moment I am keeping 3 tanks (120 liters, 60 liters and 30 liters) and I am waiting to add another 38 liters to the collection. They are dedicated to aquascaping and invertebrates; only one of these tanks features plants which also coexist with fish.

All my progress and creations, as well as the other concerns I publish regularly on my blog dedicated exclusively to photography and aquariums.