Aquascape of the Month September: "Bonsai Garden"

My name is Vincent Tan. I am 22 years old, and a student of the National University of Singapore. I must admit I am no aquascaping expert, however I am deeply intoxicated by this addictive planted aquarium hobby. It is a learning process every day for me as I venture deeper into this amazing realm.

My experience with planted aquariums has definitely been a long and winding journey, filled with its very own ups and downs.

I started off with Marine aquariums as I was fascinated with the vibrancy of the colours brought out by live corals and exotic fishes. Marine aquariums are an amazing learning process, with the influx of knowledge on landscaping, compatibility, chemistry, light spectrum and equipment. It provided a tremendous insight into the aquarium world.

Soon after, I began to realize that Freshwater planted aquariums have their very own distinct beauty. They are able to bring out a scenic view much like the ones depicted in a portrait. It provides a sense of tranquil and peace. Therefore tapping on my expertise in Marine keeping, I was able to pick up the ropes of planted tanks and Crystal Red Shrimps keeping. The greenery and scenic effect was simply too alluring to resist, and therefore I began my journey with the planted aquarium, coupled with shrimp keeping.