Aquascape of the Month: February Anti crisis tank - “Lemuria Parça”

I love animals and especially fish. I have always kept fish and other aquatic animals, as a child I spent most of my free time stuck in canals, ditches and lake...


《einrichtungsbeispiele》 ...

Aquascape of the Month: "Sky Cliff"

Starting nearly three years ago (December 2007) I was captivated by aquascaping and planted aquariums. From that time, my taste and passion have increased for a...


作者:CAICAI,作品名称《盘根丛生》,IAPLC2014.NO34[水景尺寸] W: 90 x D: 45 x H: 45 (cm)[水生植物] 垂泪MOSS、松茸MOSS、柳条MOSS、绿球藻...


开放缸+吊灯最爽的地方就是整理方便,加上ADA Solar I 150W HQI的高亮度,使得灯座可以离缸面更高(约36公分),相对的整理工作就更方便自在了。 先处理后...

Aquascape of the Month September: "Bonsai Garden"

My name is Vincent Tan. I am 22 years old, and a student of the National University of Singapore. I must admit I am no aquascaping expert, however I am deeply i...


Flickr上面看到的作品,作者是Tamás Danyikó,是一位职业摄影师。这是他拍摄的自己的草缸。很牛逼哦!这缸子也很厉害了,水很清澈!作者是个水草造景高手哦!学习!...

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