Aquascape of the Month: "Sky Cliff"

Starting nearly three years ago (December 2007) I was captivated by aquascaping and planted aquariums. From that time, my taste and passion have increased for aquascaping. I deeply admire the details, the colors, and the beauty of the underwater landscapes.

To get to where I am today, I spent three years of intense research, trial and error, and learning from my experiences. My name is Héctor Baca and I am an aquascaper from Mexico. My profession is as a journalist and completing research is a necessity. I got entangled into planted tanks without realizing it. Little by little, the influence of its beauty and mystery grabbed me.

My first design was a complete failure, but it was essential for learning how to keep aquatic plants and to understand their nutrients, light, carbon dioxide and maintenance needs. In Mexico at that time, there are very few aquatic plant enthusiasts, and even fewer practicing aquascaping layouts. I had no other option than learn from the internet, where I found Takashi Amano’s Nature aquariums and slowly discovered other Japanese aquascapers such as Hinori Handa and Fumio Shiga. Later I found aquascapes from Cliff Hui and David Chow.