Aquascape of the Month: "Forest Dream"

My name is Olivier Ly (Olileon), 30 years old. I live in France and love aquascaping and planted aquariums. At beginning when I was younger, I saw my father with a community tank and some plants. While I was amazed then, much later I saw Takashi Amano's aquascaped tanks; it was a revelation. I try to make nano tank with shrimps and then 3 years ago (in 2008 ), I made a bigger tank (576 liter) in my new house in the living room. Each tank brought me deeper into the planted aquarium hobby.

These last few years, I really progressed in my aquascaping abilities thanks to the French forum, Aquagora ([Portail de l’association AquAgora]). Aquagora contains a rapidly growing aquascaping community with many skilled members who love aquarium plants and also enjoy creating beautiful hardscape layouts.Thanks to all my friends there, and to all those who have helped me develop my aquascaping skill and planted aquarium knowledge.